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Recently, we removed a tree from a site that other tree removal experts had declared to be a job impossible to do without removing much of the yard's distinguishing landscaping, something the property owners were reluctant to do.

After examining the site, we determined how to perform the job to the owner's request.  We worked with the owner of adjacent property, and moved our crane into position without having to damage either property owner's landscaping.

Then, we went to work:

With the crane in place, the Andrews Services crew begins pruning the upper limbs from the tree.
Using ropes to secure the limbs and keep them from striking the house, the crew removes all the overhanging limbs.
The crane enables the crew to attack the various outcroppings of limbs overhanging the house from the angles for removal safest to both the crew and the house.
By midday, virtually all the smaller limbs have been removed, and the crew is  ready to remove the larger supporting limbs of the tree. 
Careful but consistent effort, coupled with a good deal of pre-planning and experience with removal of large trees has resulted in almost total limb removal by early afternoon.
As mid-afternoon clouds begin to obscure the dominant blue skies of earlier day, the crew maneuvers into place to cut the final upper limb from the tree.
By 4:00 PM, all that remains of the once-massive oak is the lower 25-or-so feet of its huge trunk.  For the crew, the crane-work portion of the job is almost over.  The remaining work, including the final felling of the trunk and the debris cleanup, will be completed from
ground level.