Serving Richmond, Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Prince George, Dinwiddie, Hanover, Henrico, New Kent, Charles City.

Tree Pruning:  We will remove dead wood, stubs, weak or rubbing branches, thin the branch structure, elevate for vista or lawn maintenance, elevate over sidewalks, cut limbs back from wires or buildings.

Tree Removal:  We will fall and remove dead or severely damaged trees, trees in the way of construction, trees too close to buildings, leaning trees, hollow or decayed trees.

Storm Damage Repair:  We will repair and remove storm debris to aid in the natural recovery of your property from natural disasters.

Lot Clearing: We will save the valuable specimens, if possible, and remove those undesirable trees, and earmark those trees that heavy equipment could destroy through soil compaction and regrading.

Brush chipping and Clean-up:  We will convert large and small branches to woodchip mulch, and haul it from your premises or leave it for use as flowerbed mulch or mulching around the bases of trees.

Stump Removal:  We will grind stumps to your specifications or to a depth of 6"-8" to promote soil and grass regeneration, and will remove all grindings from the premises if desired.

Sale and Delivery of Firewood and Mulch:  We will provide oak firewood, seasoned or green, if desired, and woodchip mulch for use in away-from-home flowerbeds, around trees, and in high-wash areas.  Delivery is included. 

Bucket-truck Services: Our two-person bucket truck is available for uses other than tree service.  If your job requires the use of our vehicle, contact us.

Also Available: Road-grading, dirt and gravel moving, spreading, or removal services with our front-end loader, box blade equipment and snow removal.